Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chapter 1-3 Fundamental Skills

·         There are many reasons why fundamental skills and assessments are specifically important to our profession of Physical Education.  Reading through these chapters brought attention to many of the skills we as PE Majors, need to be able to see and help kids with.  Fundamental development in physical education is usually an individual act first, and then becomes a group appropriate approach.  With these children we need to help provide them with these necessary skills to help them be able to guide for efficiently and fluently in the world.  While we’re teaching them these skills, we are also helping them with their health and teaching them a healthier lifestyle to live by.  As the book stated, there is very little “natural athletes” in the world, we need to teach them these skills for them to develop and more forward and proceed to increase their levels of difficulty.  Many people don’t take physical education as seriously as other classes in school like English and math.  However it is just as important if not more, because it deals with your body and how it functions.  The three biggest concerns among children are childhood obesity, in school and community violence and student safety and precocious puberty.  Many of these concerns can be stopped with the help of PE teachers instilling fundamental skills, and forming them into exercises for kids to engage in.  Movement does not only enhance children’s health and fundamental skills to guide them through life, it also enhances their perceptual and cognitive learning characteristics.  Motor characteristics can vary through rate of growth and developmental ability and motor control.  When we teach children fundamental skills with games and assessments, we can evaluate if they are in the standards within their age and growth groups.  With building these skills and having tests to assess the kids we can help stop completely or at least help with things like the childhood obesity epidemic.   Cognitive characteristics relate to ability to express thoughts and or ideas and be able to think abstractly and how they interact with peers.  If we help enhance these skills this will help them with things for the rest of their lives ranging from school to social interactions.  Fundamental development and skill building is a huge part in a child’s education.  When we teach them these essential skills they will be able to do things further in life.  Without teaching children these skills and value of health, their future will not be very bright.  
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