Monday, August 29, 2011

Intitial Reactions

My initial reaction to making a blog was that I knew nothing about the blogging world and always thought to shy away from it due to pursuing my degree in Education.  I am not a very technological person, so I am curious to see how I will work with this.  Over the summer I worked at a Daycare Center, where the ages ranged from 3 to 12.  I also in the beginning of the summer was working at my old high school with my Physical Education Teachers working with 9th – 12th grades.  So this summer I was able to work with a very wide range of age groups.  I think this gave me many new activities, ideas, and experiences that I can use in my teaching career.  I was able to work on motor development exercises with the younger ones, which was amazing to see them progress and develop these skills.  Also every Friday we did an exercise day where we use games to interact the kids in physical activity.  Since I am a Physical Education major, my boss let me run many of the activities.  I also worked with a certified personal trainer that came and we did exercises with the kids.  This engaged the kids in fun games without them even realizing that they are being physically active and try to pull them away from our technological world.