Thursday, November 17, 2011

St Mary's Lab 5

Today's lab wasn't quite what I expected AT ALL to say the least.  In lab we only had half the gym, then for my game only half of the half of the gym.  This made teaching and making the kids understand the game 10 times harder.  There were so many distractions between basketball practice and about the 40 kids in the gym, it was hard to keep their attention.  I got through my game, but not every kid participated which was hard.  This was a really good experience to have though, and to show me how hectic things can get.  However, then we went downstairs into the  cafeteria.  I enjoyed myself so much down there when I was coloring with this kids.   I was bonding with many of the kids, and even some of them even made me pictures.  I got some of the kids to talk and remember my name, and I found out theirs.  Overall today was a great experience and showed me just how hectic a class can get.  I cant believe this is all coming to an end!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lab 4

I had a great experience for this weeks lab.  this weeks theme was halloween and we all dressed up.  I was dressed up as a clown and all of the kids loved it.  I had the cafeteria group and we had a beautiful day so we were outside playing kickball.  Many of them don't play fairly or by the rules, which was hard to play with them.  Then we went and performed our games which went very well.  Many of the kids actually participated, which was a good sign.  Then shannon and I played double dutch with the girls for a while.  It is nice to see they are starting to recognize us and want to come play with us.  Next week I have the Gym group so I am excited to see how that goes!